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Mobinet Wi-Fi

Users who have activated all types of Mobicom data packages and My Mobi data package will be able to use MobiNet Wi-Fi service free of charge during the validity period of the package in selected schools,universities, hospitals and shopping centers in Ulaanbaatar and Rural areas.

Services packages

Data package condition 

Users of all operators can purchase Wi-Fi data packages through the following channels

  •           Mobicom agent or dealer
  •           Monpay application      
  •           Click HERE to purchase online 
Service condition

Please pay attention to the following when you're connecting to WiFi:

  • Have mobicom data package
  • The device connecting to the Internet shall have (cell phones, laptops, tablets) Wi-Fi enabling features
  • Connect to the login page after receiving the MobiNetWiFi signal
  • Wi-Fi password: 12345678

  • Step 1: Connect to MobiNet on Wi-Fi

  • Customers can access to MobiNetWiFi zone by activating the device, and your device will automatically connect to

Step 2: Signing up

After pressing the access key, the following two options will be displayed: Customers with Mobicom data package or Other customers.

  • Customers with Mobicom data package: Enter your phone number in the pop-up window and enter the Captcha number and press the "Sign up" button, you will receive username and password via text message on your phone.
  • Other customers: Enter your phone number and email address in the pop-up menu, enter the Captcha / Number and press the Sign Up button, you will receive username and password via text message on your phone.

Step 3: Access the Internet using service

You can access the Internet after entering your mobile phone number and the password that you have received. You can change or recover your password or can buy Wi-Fi packages, and other services by accessing the site.

Check coverage

Click HERE to check the location of MobiNet Wi-Fi